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My pleasure! Enjoy
Hi Josh, Been meaning to get back with you. Received the Apple TV unit back and it's working just great. Thanks again for all your help... Tom

such kind words... thank you!
Wow, you have a new injection. I loved the previous copy I purchased from you and can't wait to inject your new release. Thanks again for trying to help me when I messed up my jailbreak. I'm up and running now and learning so much more about jailbreaking and injections...

Was it that long ago? time flys!
Hi there; you did an excellent job of rejaiblbreaking my Apple 2 TV this past summer.

Awesome! Keep loving it :-)
Hi there! I purchased your product back in July and I have been loving it. Thank you.

Nothing is better than a happy customer :-)
I couldn't be more pleased. It's not possible for me to be happier w/ your work!!

Awww, shucks :-)
Your help is most valuable and more than welcomed in a day where most sellers would cut ties after the product was sent.  I'm still blown away by the level of customer service you provide......well after the sale has been made.  It is unequaled in any industry I've seen..........THANKS!!

I get that one a lot :-)
Ur the man

I do what I can. Thank you :-)
You have got to have more patience than anyone I have ever met!!!!!!!! You video was excellent!!!! You ever thought about making how-to movies? You could go to different business and make detail movies of how to operate their machines! Bottom line, thanks to your video, EVERYTHING is working great!!

Hahaha. That won't be necessary. VERY happily married :-)
If you will pay for me a plane ticket 'I'll dance at your next wedding'

Hahaha. I'm not sure what ALL that means, but you are welcome
Maybe I'm weened? I'm standing on my own two feet. When I grow up I want to be just like you! Thank you so much for all the personal help.

XBMC is an AMAZING platform and I want everyone to enjoy it
What you did to the apple tv is awesome! I watched a couple movies last night andthe number of choices is unbelievable.

just one of many satisfied customers
Great customer service indeed. It's nice to see service after the sale which is something rare these days.

I take great pride in the value I place on my customers
Just want to tell you that i also sent an email to the other seller on ebay (the cheaper one) asking the same question but i did not receive a reply.

Thank you again for your great support.

Tell them! Tell the World!!! ha-ha
Thanks Man! Excellent customer support! Will definitely tell my friends

and there are more just like this one!
Is there any way I can add additional feedback on Ebay just relating your professionalism with service after the sale...?

I was his first purchase on eBay!
My friend just bought one from you and raves about it...

repeat customer back for two more products!
We really enjoyed the last one I bought off u two weeks ago

This could be you, too!
Not getting any work done today. This thing is cool.

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